How to Use Facial Masks for Your Skincare Routine: The Ciminelli Solution

Facial Magic for Normal to Oily Skin

After the summer weather has taken a toll on your skin, why not rehydrate, tone, and rejuvenate with one of my special skincare masks.

"Great skincare starts with thorough, gentle cleansing and ends with nourishing hydration. Start as young as you can. The rewards are everlasting."

No matter your skin type, using any of the three masks I created will help turn back the clock and balance your skin.

  1. After cleansing with either the Cleansing Milk, Algae Deep Cleanse, Cleansing GelPore Minimizing Cleanser or Bamboo Ginger Scrub, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. 

  2. To refine and tone your pores, put some of either the Sea Clay Mask or Pore Minimizing Mask in the palm of your hand.

  3. Add a few sprays of Seawater to it to reinforce the nourishing effect of the mask. Mix well. 

  4. Apply all over your face, avoiding your eye area and your neck. Unless you break out on your neck, then make sure to cover the breakout areas. Let it dry for about 15 minutes. 

  5. Remove the remainder of the mask with a warm, damp washcloth and then rinse with cool water. The effect of these masks will last for days. 

  6. Next, follow the steps with the Trilogy for your skin type, the combination of which consists of my Oil Control Formula, Marine Lotion, Seawater and the Power C Moisturizer. Your skin will be beaming. These two masks increase your skins' circulation which is very rejuvenating and healthy.

  7. If you are a dry skin type or have mature skin, the best mask to use after cleansing with my Cleansing Milk is the Hydrating Gel Mask. This mask is a skin quencher.

  8. Apply all over face and neck. Leave on for about 20 minute. Remove with a warm, damp washcloth and then rinse with cool water.

  9. Follow with either the Hydrating Formula or Sensitive Skin Formula, Marine Lotion, Seawater and then one of my moisturizers and lastly the Eye and Wrinkle Cream

It takes a few minutes for the products to be absorbed into your skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Cleansing

Over the years, I have educated my clients on the importance of thoroughly cleaning their skin each day to achieve a dewy, fresh, glowing complexion. Throughout the day, bacteria, pollutants, dirt, and dead skin cells cover your face. A consistent cleansing routine removes these impurities, reduces pore size, and aids in the penetration of anti-aging moisturizing creams and treatments. 

Question 1: What is the primary benefit of daily facial cleansing? 

Cleanse your face and body twice daily to remove toxins from the surface of the skin. Your skin is an eliminative organ. The body pushes waste out through the colon, bladder, lungs, and finally, your pores. Releasing toxins is healthy and normal. The cleaner your diet and lifestyle, the less you will breakout. Remove toxins from the surface of your skin by cleansing correctly from head to toe. Skincare products will perform better on clean skin. 

Question 2: What happens to the skin when dirt, pollutants, bacteria, and old skin cells accumulate? 

Breakouts occur when dirt and toxins remain on the skin's surface, and pores become blocked. The build-up on the surface of your skin will feel dry and bumpy and oily underneath because your skin cannot breathe. Moisturizers cannot penetrate through the build-up of dead skin cells and surface pollutants. Proper cleansing will gently remove the layers of dead skin cells, hardened sebum or natural excess skin oils, bacteria, and infection.

Question 3: Can you achieve deep cleansing without stripping the skin? 

Your choice of cleanser is critical. For instance, it is essential to NEVER use soap on your face or body. Soap is harsh and strips the skin of its natural moisture, leaving it flaky and dull with a film that suffocates the skin's surface. All Susan Ciminelli cleansers are gentle and do not strip the skin. If you prefer a cleanser that lathers, opt for Cleansing Gel which can be used head to toe.

Facial Masks Skincare Routine Luxurious Cleansing Gel by Susan Ciminelli

Algae Deep Cleanse is a unique facial cleanser because it naturally contains glycogen, which peels the dead skin cells from the skin's surface. It travels down the tiny hair shafts deep into the pores and removes the excess sebum and bacteria. I love using this all over my face and neck but especially around my eye area because it removes the tiny lines and wrinkles that can appear from time to time.  

Facial Masks Skincare Routine Luxurious Algae Deep Cleanse by Susan Ciminelli

Bamboo Ginger Scrub is a fresh, invigorating daily facial exfoliant that helps to minimize blackheads and smooths the skin. Use this exfoliator with essential oils and dried orange and lemon peel three times per week to refine pores, interchanging with Algae Deep Cleanse

Facial Masks Skincare Routine Luxurious Bamboo Ginger Scrub by Susan Ciminelli

Pore Minimizing Cleanser is a gentle exfoliant blended with willow bark extract, essential oils of lemon and thyme, and pumice from the Hawaiian Islands. This cleanser is ideal for oily and problematic skin and should be used in the morning. My Pore Minimizing Cleaner is rich in minerals and aids in the recovery from breakouts. 

Facial Masks Skincare Routine Luxurious Pore Minimizing Cleanser by Susan Ciminelli

Properly cleansing your skin day and night will naturally result in smaller pores, and your anti-aging products will more easily penetrate the skin. If you choose to wear foundation, it will go on smoother and more evenly. 

Question 4: Should people with dry skin cleanse as thoroughly as people with more oily skin?

People with dry skin most likely have a significant build-up of dead skin cells that makes their skin feel dry. This build-up impedes the absorption of an anti-aging moisturizing routine post-cleansing. Gently cleanse dry skin with Cleansing Milk morning and night until the skin feels healthy. Remove this unique milky cleanser with a warm, damp washcloth followed by rinsing with cool water. My Cleansing Milk is powerful enough to remove heavy makeup yet is so gentle you can use it on a baby. 

Facial Masks Skincare Routine Luxurious Cleansing Milk by Susan Ciminelli

Regardless of your skin type, you should deep clean your skin every day. After using Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Gel, Algae Deep Cleanse should be used to remove dead skin cells. Although it is a potent peel, you can use my Algae Deep Cleanse every day. Skin will not turn red or irritated when using the Algae Deep Cleanse because it is a natural peel with healthy, healing ingredients. After cleansing, day and night, follow with the Susan Ciminelli essential oils and moisturizers best suited for your skin.

My Facial Mask Routine Combined With Eating Better Means Looking Better

As always, it is very important to make sure you are eating foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as avocado, wild salmon, mackerel, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, raw nuts and seeds. 

Avoid all processed foods, soda, colored waters and excess alcohol.   When you take the internal as well as external approach to health and wellness, your reward is beautiful skin.

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