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Jennifer Lopez credited her glowing skin to our Algae Deep Cleanse, Sensitive Skin Formula, Seawater,  Marine Lotion, Special Reserve Cream and Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream

Skin Types: All

TRUE STORY: You told me I could give up foundation if I used Marine Lotion consistently. I didn't believe you, but you were right! I'm washing with Algae Deep Cleanse and using Marine Lotion afterward, and I can't believe the difference in my skin. You also told me it would reduce my stretch marks. I haven't tried that yet but now that I see the difference it made on my face, I'm going to try it on my body. Thank you, Susan, so much!
Caroline A., Travers City, MI

Marine Lotion is like liquid gold for your skin. It is like no other product on the market today. Marine Lotion is an integral part of the anti-aging Susan Ciminelli trilogy, (essential oil, Marine Lotion, Seawater) used before your moisturizer day and night. The difference in your skin is instantaneous. It is an extremely rich and luxurious skin-anti-aging serum that provides head to toe nourishment. Praised by the stars, this miracle elixir awakens and softens the skin, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, and even reduces cellulite and stretch marks. Made in France, Marine Lotion gently hydrates the skin. You’ll feel the difference after the first use!

Marine Lotion
This luxurious serum is perfect for skin repair after a sunburn. The algae content and essential oils help to heal and repair skin damage especially from a fresh sunburn. This product should always be in your beach bag, just in case.

USAGE: Twice daily, apply a generous amount all over cleansed face, neck, and body. For the face,  applying the appropriate Essential Oil, Marine Lotion, Seawater and then cream along with Eye and Wrinkle Cream. For use on body, apply after shower or bath. Follow with the appropriate Body Silk.

Algae Extract: 100% natural superfood for the skin.  It contains glycogens that dissolve dead skin cells, giving you a natural peel daily while nourishing your skin.
Essential Oils of Cypress, Juniper, Marjoram, and Vetiver: 100% natural, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.  It is emollient.  It nourishes and hydrates as it soothes, tones, and protects the skin. Great for cellulite on the body and also helps prevent stretch marks.

"Life is not worth living without Marine Lotion." - Olivia S

SIZE: 8 fl oz

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