“The Collection” by Susan Ciminelli


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“The Collection” by Susan Ciminelli was created to help you personalize your very own skin care needs. Picking the right products can become overwhelming, but we are here to help. Each Susan Ciminelli kit is designed to include a cleanser, essential oil, & moisturizer needed for your specific skin type, along with our Seawater & Marine Lotion to enhance the “Glow” and rejuvenate your skin.

Beautifully packaged, this starter kit serves as the perfect gift for anyone looking to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect their skin. All it take is 5 easy steps to enhance the “Glow” Susan Ciminelli products create. Purchase a kit, and receive all 5 products at a considerable discount.

Kits already include Marine Lotion & Seawater. You choose your essential oil, cleanser, & moisturizer.

For example: Dry Skin? We recommend: Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Formula, & Super Hydrating Cream to compliment the Marine Lotion & Seawater

Each kit comes with '5 Easy Steps to Beautiful Skin' Instructions on how to use the products properly.

For more help call (212) 750-4441 or (888) 332-9772 and have one of our representatives help you create your very own personalized skin care kit!

I have tried every expensive product on the market both in America and in France. The only product that makes my skin feel dewy, soft and look radiant is Susan Ciminelli. Especially when I use it the way it it is supposed to be used with the essential oils, seawater, marine lotion followed by her creams. I only get compliments on my skin whenever I am using Susan Ciminelli.
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Integrity and Devotion

Susan's products are derived from a precise collaboration of science and nature's most healing ingredients.

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