The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin

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TRUE STORY: In just one week my pores shrunk, my rosacea disappeared and I lost eight pounds. And all I did was eat lots of delicious food, exercise and take a luxurious bath every night.
Irene Fogarty, editor

Susan guides her readers step by step to clear, revitalized skin through everyday life changes and her own healthy recipes. This book contains the answers that will transform your skin overnight with lead you to obtaining the radiant “Ciminelli Glow”.

I read your book and saw a huge improvement in my skin clarity and decrease in my adult acne after trying a lot of your recipes.

The book does give great advice and ways to give your skin what it needs. I think everyone should read this. I do recommend going on her website to take a look at it. I was actually surprised how pricey her treatments and products were. Choose products carefully and shop around by looking at ingredience that Susan told you about in her book. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get what you want for a more reasonable price. Overall the book itself is great. If you can afford her products on the website it is probably worth the splurge.

I love Susan Ciminelli! This book is easy and fun to read and really spells out a logical and simple approach to health and beauty. It totally makes sense that your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner health which Susan explains in a story of her own journey. I've been following just a few of the suggestions in the book and my skin has already improved in just a few days!!! I also followed a couple of the recipes in the book...everything is really simple and surprisingly delicious! Even more delicious is the fact that what I've been eating is making me even more gorgeous :) ha ha. Great book!!!

ps. After reading the book I was curious about Susan's skin products...they are out of this world!!! I got the algae deep cleanse, marine lotion, and superhydrating cream. I am NEVER using anything else! Bye bye la mer!

Ciminelli's book is subtitled "A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin", and it offers directions for skin care and cleansing, as well as recipes that she says will help detoxify your system and give your skin a chance to be its glowing best. The recipes are easy and good and don't require a truck load of ingredients to make. Some of the recipes included are: Watercress Salad with Pine Nuts and Roasted Shallots, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, Tuscan Bean Soup, Asian Roasted Chicken and Red Snapper with Shallot-Herb Sauce, to name a few.

The author also includes tips for how to make masks and moisturizers, as well as advice on skin care through the changing seasons. There is a tiny section on skin care for men, too, but it's pretty slim.

The author also gives tips for skin care through the seasons and offers suggestions on how to use her recipes and suggestions for 7 days to see a real difference in your skin. Yoga is also mentioned as an aid to her beauty regimen, and several poses are explained and encouraged.

I liked this book and would recommend it if you want a back to nature approach to skin care.

In just one week my pores shrunk, my rosacea disappeared and I lost 8 pounds. And all I did was eat lots of delicious food, exercise and take a luxurious bath every night.

I was unfamiliar with Susan's work until I read her book while waiting in the reception area of her spa. Her philosophy is right on in regards to diet and skin care and I would splurge on some of her facial treatments in the future.
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