Sun Care

Everyone needs protection from the sun. With the depleted ozone layer, the sun is more harmful than ever. So, don't leave home during the winter and summer months without protecting your exposed skin with our wonder SPF.

SPF 30 - Susan's ultra luxurious SPF 30 moisturizer is every bit as sumptuous and effective as her regular moisturizers.
Marine Lotion - Perfect when used after a long day in the sun to help prevent any skin damage & wrinkles caused by UV rays. Especially great when combined with Body Silk to prevent peeling and leave the skin feeling silky smooth.
Body Silk - Like the finest silk pajamas, Susan Ciminelli Body Silk makes every inch of your body feel sexy and velvety.
Very Berry - A powerful antioxidant serum which helps fight damage caused by free radicals found in harmful UV rays.
Body Buff - The best way to exfoliate & eliminate dead skin cells to prepare your skin for a long-lasting tan