Broadband Light (Laser) Treatments

BBL Photorejuvenation
A series of full face, gentle pulse light treatments intended to improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin. It reduces redness, minimizes broken capillaries, improves the appearance of fine lines, and decreases enlarged pores. You are left with a smoother, more balanced skin tone. The Photo Facial also stimulates collagen and treats the appearance of rosacea.
Face $450
Décolleté $450
Hands $300

Acne Treatment
This treatment is designed to destroy the bacteria that causes acne while minimizing pores. A photo thermal energy is used to heat the upper layers of the skin, stimulating the skin cells to generate new collagen and eliminate redness and unwanted melanin.

SkinTyte Treatment
This “mini face lift” is a revolutionary way to tighten your skin without the expense of plastic surgery. During this procedure, the laser light pulse stimulates the growth of collagen deep in the dermis and starts to reproduce. The result is younger looking skin as the signs of fine lines and sun damage begin to fade away. You will notice smoother skin immediately as full effects of the treatment are seen in three months. For best results, we recommend four to six treatments, every four weeks.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal treatments quickly and effectively remove hair by delivering short, powerful pulses of light to target the actively growing hair follicle. In conjunction with the laser, a cooler is blown over the skin for comfort during the treatment process. After a series of treatments, the hair should not grow back.
Price based upon consultation.