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Skin Types: All

TRUE STORY: I missed using my Seawater for a couple of days when I forgot to pack it on a trip, and I started seeing fine lines around my mouth. As soon as I started using Susan's Seawater again, the lines disappeared!
Elizabeth C., Buffalo, NY

Suited for all skin types, Seawater is an antioxidant-rich beauty potion with natural trace minerals to stimulate collagen growth. This refreshing, desalinated spray sourced from Brittany, France, restores skin cells to their youth, hydrates and naturally balances the skin. An activating agent for essential oils, Seawater deepens their skin penetration, giving you optimal, longer lasting benefits. Life first formed in the sea, making seawater one of the most potent and life-giving substances on earth.

USAGE: Twice daily, spray a generous amount all over cleansed face and neck after applying the appropriate essential oil. Follow with Marine Lotion.

Purified Seawater: Moisturizes, nourishes, antiseptic
Pine Bark Extract: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, even more powerful than vitamin C
Sodium Chloride: Sea and mineral salts that nourish and replenish

Size: 2 fl oz


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