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Fall Package

$144.00 $180.00

I am offering my exclusive Fall Skincare Package featuring my luxury Pore Minimizing CleanserPore Minimizing Mask, and Seawater. This Fall package will bring your skin into balance as the seasons change from summer into fall, and it is 20% off until October 13th at 11:59PM ET. 

  • Using the Pore Minimizing Cleanser every morning will help properly clean your pores, which allows them to shrink in size.

  • Apply the Pore Minimizing Mask as a spot treatment over any pimple or blackhead once a week for 15-20 minutes. Use it as a spot treatment on the affected areas overnight as the perfect way to keep your skin looking flawless.

  • The Seawater used before your moisturizer day and night helps refresh your skin and helps speed up the healing process if you do tend to break out. Use twice daily for best results.

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