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This SINGLE PURCHASE is the first step to great skincare.

True story: When I (Susan  Ciminelli) flew to Madrid to meet with the owner of the laboratory that created this kit for me, I was tempted to use the prototype myself to see how it felt and judge the results, as I always do. However, because my skin ALWAYS has a beautiful glow I did not want to waste it on myself. I wanted to take it back to NYC and test it on someone in need of a glow. After a few days, I could not stand the suspense so I decided to try it for myself. I was shocked that it had a profound effect on my skin. It made my skin glow even more than it usually does. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to look and feel years younger naturally and for an affordable price. Why pay $100's for a spa treatment.  The 123 Glow Kit is a great alternative. 

Susan Ciminelli

1-2-3 Glow the very best professional home treatment hydrating facial kit with instant results. Brought to you by holistic beauty expert Susan Ciminelli, 123 Glow is a quick and easy at home-treatment that works on all skin types. It will leaves your skin looking years younger, feeling soft, dewy and deeply hydrated.

Introducing 1-2-3 Glow, the fast, affordable, and natural facial skincare program that keeps your skin looking healthy all year long. The key is a 3-step patented process that peels, hydrates, and rejuvenates your pores in under 30 minutes. The best part is, the effects last for 30 days to give you the confidence to look effortlessly beautiful all month long. For years, celebrities, Super Models and people for whom beautiful skin is very important, have been getting Susan’s monthly facials to look younger and more radiant.  This affordable kit allows you to have spa results in the privacy of your own home. 

A do it yourself face, neck, and décolleté treatment for all ages and skin types. Return your skin to its natural GLOW and youthful appearance with instant results.


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