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Meet Susan


"Susan Ciminelli is a world renowned holistic health, beauty and wellness guru with an unrivaled approach to skincare."

For over 40 years Susan’s clients have experienced firsthand her innate ability to identify the root of any skin concern, and how to bring the body back into balance. Susan has traveled the world, cultivating treatments to help countless A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Martha Stewart, and Cindy Crawford.

Susan uses vanity as a way into their consciousness to help clients take better care of themselves internally, including managing emotional stress that causes poor habits. For Susan a nourishing, powerful skincare regimen is vital for clear skin and long-lasting beauty.

Practicing what she preaches, Susan instills that simple lifestyle modifications are the secret to maintaining a radiant complexion; suggesting, “natural beauty emanates from within”

Most importantly Susan delivers useful advice, products, and services that bring results. Leaving you empowered with the knowledge you will use for a lifetime of health and beauty.

With Susan’s holistic approach to beauty, you leave her not only with the benefits of a facial, massage, and or any of her treatments, but also with an overall sense of balance, peace and a lightness of being.

Although today many people take for granted what Susan pioneered decades ago, she continues to buck the trends and stick to time honored ancient healing techniques that deliver fast results.  The same integrity and devotion are maintained in the creation of the Susan Ciminelli products. Only the finest natural botanicals from the earth and oceans including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are integrated into the Ciminelli skincare products for lasting beauty.

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