Herbal Teas

TRUE STORY: I have a true story of how a cup of tea saved me on my wedding day. I was about to get married and found that despite all my efforts to diet and take care of myself for the wedding day, I was still breaking out and my dress was feeling tight. I had given up desserts and French fries, and kept only one daily treat for myself - a LARGE hot chocolate with whipped cream. Susan explained that I was bloated from the sugar and my skin was irritated from the caffeine in the chocolate, so she gave me a variety of teas from her collection. And POOF! My skin cleared right up and the dress was even a little loose on the big day.
Beth S., Brooklyn, NY

When you obtain the “Ciminelli Glow”, you shine from the inside and out with the help of Susan's unique blends of delicious teas and tisanes. Susan developed the recipes for each tea as an alternative to coffee and desserts. Each one has been custom blended for specific mind and body rewards. Some are good for dry skin and hair, others detoxify and reduce breakouts and cellulite, and some are just a delicious and easy way to say "no" to that tempting piece of chocolate truffle cake.

The Detox Blends: Pu-erh, Pleasure Tisane, Afternoon Delight
The Coffee and Dessert Alternatives: Hawaiian Delight, Exotic Delight, Pink Passion Tisane