Essential Oils & Seawater

The Trilogy: Pre-moisturizing Treatment Plan for Anti-aging:
To achieve the famous "Ciminelli Glow" as dubbed by the New York Times, a combination of our essential oils, Seawater and Marine Lotion should be applied before your day or night cream, to ensure beautiful, youthful skin. This three-step process comprises applying the appropriate essential oil for your skin type, following with Seawater, and drenching your skin in our luscious Marine Lotion.

Essential oils are 100% natural, the potent life force of plants. They have been used in China and Egypt as well as other parts of the world for thousands of years medicinally and for beauty treatments. They eliminate bacteria and fungus that cause skin problems such as blemishes, as well as stimulate energy flow and circulation, the same way acupuncture does. They are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial that moisturize, soothe, tone, and help preserve skin. They are emollients, leaving you calm and relaxed whenever they are applied. When used with Seawater, our unique formulas plump the skin and give you a healthy glow.