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Skin Types: All, normal, combination

TRUE STORY: I love traveling with your Cleansing Gel, Susan. It's so good for my face and entire body. Someone actually stopped me on the ferry the other day to tell me how fresh my skin looked. Thank you!
Mary L., Nantucket, MA

Suited for all skin types and ideal for normal/combination skin, Cleansing Gel is a moisturizing, energizing cleanser for face and body. Use in the morning to awaken skin or at night to remove makeup and daily impurities.

USAGE: Lather a small amount onto wet face and neck, massaging in an upward, circular motion. Remove with a warm, damp washcloth or sponge and follow with Algae Deep Cleanse or Bamboo Ginger Scrub.

Honeysuckle: Aromatherapeutic, anti-inflammatory, soothing
Chlorophyll: Natural deodorizer, moisturizes, nourishes
Seaweed Extract: Anti-aging, increase moisturize levels in skin, rich in natural minerals and trace elements
Coconut Extract: Moisturizes, nourishes, soothes, protects
Sea Salt: Natural exfoliant, tones, purifies, provides trace minerals

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