Want to naturally build up your immunity to wicked spring pollen attacks?

If you have not been doing this all year long, you have to start NOW to avoid typical allergies in the spring. This is an old recipe that really works if you can find the right ingredients. 

1 tablespoon of LOCAL honey, 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar.  Add both to an 8 ounce glass of warm water. Stir well. Drink this at least 2 times a day. The natural pollen in the local honey will help your body build up a tolerance to the pollen that will be floating in the air as the flowers start to bloom. It does not matter if it is last year's honey. This recipe can be followed all year long. It will also help you ward off colds as well as clean out your arteries and veins naturally improving your circulation. This recipe also helps to control or eliminate water retention and cellulite. 

Spring cleansing your home can also help you get a better handle on your springtime allergies. It is a good time to remove your screens and give them a good cleaning. Just lay them in your bathtub and give them a good scrub with a mild dish soap, then rinse very thoroughly. Let them air dry before replacing them. 

This is worth the effort. Clean your window sills inside and out so the dust build up won't be able to get into your home. Dust and clean all corners of your home very well. Let me know your thoughts. Happy to help in any way I can. 

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