Stress Relief for Healthier, More Beautiful Skin: The Ciminelli Solution

The Ciminelli Solution: Skincare through Self-Care, Stress Relief, and Relaxation

Stress affects us all, both internally in the way we feel and externally in the way we look. It is how we react to stressful situations that determines whether we are one of the people who get brought down by it or one of those who are uplifted by it. 

A diamond starts out as a piece of coal, but after millions of years of pressure, it becomes illuminated. If we deal with stress by way of eating healthier, breathing properly, learning to meditate, and training our minds to see the glass as half full instead of half empty, it will help us along our path. It is easier said than done. 

Ingesting Stress - Stop Eating Your Way into Stressful States

Our diet directly impacts not only our blood sugar levels making us prone to inflammatory diseases, but our stress levels as well. The foods that we eat affect our moods, disposition, temperament, and our attitudes. 

There are 3000 chemicals added to processed foods that the FDA deems healthy or OK for you to eat. Don't believe them. Believe nature. What the earth produces naturally is what we should consume. Anything else will affect your moods, immune system, and your quality of life. 

Decades of scientific research show that eating healthier to remove unwholesome, inorganic, processed food products from our diet actually helps us better manage our stress. 

Wild fish and game, organic vegetables, seeds, and nuts, as well as low glycemic fruits will help you manage your moods and reduce diet-generated stress triggers. It is a win-win.

Our government has been subsidizing the farming industry for decades. At the same time, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, and other inflammatory diseases started to rise.

Don't blindly trust the food industry to advise you on the healthiest foods to eat without asking questions and doing your own research. They have their own financial motives

We have to take control of our lives.  Dealing with stress properly can help you make better lifestyle and diet choices which allows you to be in control of your life as much as possible.

We can then listen to our inner voice and allow guidance from our deepest resources to help us on our path. Our shoulders drop. We are more attractive. We have more energy. We like ourselves, and we accept contrasting people more easily. We are living in tumultuous times. We have to take matters into our own hands. 

Breathing Your Way to Inner and Outer Beauty

Proper breathing will help reduce your stress.  Whether it be from exercise or the ancient practice of deep, full lung capacity breathing. 

Long, full, and deep breaths bring you into a deeply relaxed emotional state. This, again, helps you make better life decisions. 

It gives you what is called Witness Consciousness.  It allows you the time you need to reset your intentions before you make a wrong move. 

This technique also helps you energetically manifest your dreams and desires by giving you access to your inner divine power and voices. 

There are many ways to achieve nirvana. Either through meditation or deep, rhythmic, long inhalation. Following that with long exhalation helps give you a natural, healthy 'high' worth exploring. With this dynamic, blood-oxygenating technique, you’ll have a sense of energy and euphoria backed accompanied by reduced muscle tension and calmer thinking. 

Oxygenating your blood is another benefit of deep, slow, rhythmic breathing. The more oxygen your blood contains, the healthier your body is from head to toe, inside and out. There are many YouTube videos conveniently available for you to watch to improve your technique and results.

Luxuriously Relaxing Skincare Baths to Relieve Stress

Taking baths for 45 minutes a day whenever possible with my Algae Fine Powder plus my Calming Bath solution added to it brings us into a state of relaxation that is similar to the effects of meditation. This is self-care that beautifies both body and mind.

It also detoxes us on a cellular level. This helps us manage our stress levels. Learning to breathe fully and properly can bring you into a peaceful state of mind. Why is this important, you might ask? It is important because when our minds are clear and relaxed, we make better life choices. 

Physical Exercise Works Wonders for Stress Relief

I am a very busy person. I wear many hats in my company. When I walk into the treatment room, I have to anchor into my heart chakra and become the caregiver and healer. 

When I am at the front desk, I have to lovingly transact business. The way for me to glide through my day effortlessly and full of love and light is through proper breathing.

Exercise is key to not only weight management and helping us manage our blood sugar levels, but also our moods as well. 

  • When we exercise, we become happier and healthier.
  • We have more self-confidence.
  • We also detox naturally through our perspiration as well.
  • Endorphins are released into our bloodstream. This is nature's way of making us feel good. 

“Move it or lose it,” so the saying goes. We have to engage our muscles throughout the day.  If we do practice this on a daily basis, we will increase the quality of our lives as we age. This is crucial for cultivating a long, happy, and healthy life. To help you take loving care of your body in reward for living an active physical lifestyle, I developed a luxurious Skincare Package for your after-exercise self-care needs.

Meditation as a Stress-reducing Secret to Inner and Outer Beauty

I love, love, love YouTube. It changed my life. Even though I spent a lot of time in India, have a Guru (a spiritual guide), and have been meditating for over five decades,  I  still love to center myself and find that place of inner peace every single day. Now it is easier than ever:

I put YouTube on as my meditative background music source, find the exact meditation music I enjoy, then sit on my asana (white wool blanket that holds the energy generated during meditation).

I put my eye pads on to block the light from the TV, wrap myself up in my meditation shawl,  sit up straight, breathe deeply and fully and go off into my meditative blissful state. Before I know it, 45 minutes have passed. Don't be afraid to dive in. 

Please know that learning and growing comfortable with meditation does take practice and discipline. However, the upside is profound:

  1. It helps you manage your emotions by learning to control what you pay attention to.

  2. Enables you to have a positive outlook on life as you learn to control your focus and direct it to self-care through healthier living.

  3. Makes you easier to be around as your stress levels begin to fade, letting in uplifting mental states and emotions.

  4. Can help prevent cognitive decline because it activates and cultivates your brain’s ‘Neurogenisis’ process that strengthens connections between brain cells and creates new ones. 

Meditation for reducing stress is just another gift from the Universe that is life-altering. This is how we can create peace on earth and help one another heal. Remember, when we light one candle, we illuminate the darkness. The world needs illumination. Be a part of the solution that the world needs to obtain peace and healing.

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