November Newsletter

Susan Ciminelli's Beauty & Skincare Newsletter - November 2022 

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing very well on every level of your precious life. I love the month of November because it is the month of giving thanks for all that we are blessed with. I know that it requires disciplined thinking to give thanks for everything in your life, but, hey, everything is a learning experience. No matter what the lesson is, we can take something positive away from it.

I was going to move to Portugal next year with my husband because I value family life, love good quality food, and wanted to live in a good climate. We almost bought a house in 2021 for our future retirement, but it was sold out from under us suddenly. I knew right then that it was for a very good reason. And as it turns out, it would have been a disaster. 

I planned on still running our internet business from Europe and segueing into blogging on health, wellness, and beauty. In the end, even though it saddened me a little to give up on my lifelong dream, I decided to see that my glass was half full instead of half empty.

As it turns out, Europe is in big trouble, unfortunately. Between the terrible war in Eastern Europe and the energy crisis resulting from current thinking on fossil fuels (rightfully so), the drought conditions, fires, etc., I think we were spared. 

My husband was quite upset at the time, but I kept reassuring him that there was a reason why we lost that particular house. There will be others. As it turns out, we are happily staying in Western New York, where we can be close to my family since I grew up here and have deep roots in this lovely community.

I remember when I moved to NYC in January 1980. I had just turned 23 years old, and there was so much anticipation, excitement, and wonderment. I knew it was necessary to move there to perfect my craft and to get my butt kicked by tough NYC women and tourists from all over the world visiting or living in NYC. 

I was in awe of the beautiful European women I was exposed to. They took such good care of themselves physically. Their skin was impeccable, as was their wardrobe.  However, I did see a vast difference between European women and American women. 

The majority of American women did not want to take the time to care for their skin. They would not take baths but instead resorted to quick showers. They almost never got facials or did any real type of home care with weekly masks etc. They just could not be bothered. They applied their makeup over dull, dry, dead skin and just prematurely aged.

As I became more confident in my career, I began voicing my opinion gently to American women. I started to gain a large following of people who really listened and relished the knowledge that ultimately changed their skin, etc. 

Every day in my current practice in Amherst, NY, I am happy that people are interested in obtaining glowing skin, but am shocked at how some are appalled when I encourage them to wash their face both in the morning and evening to remove stubborn dead skin cells, which leaves their skin very dull and quite dry, and to apply anti-aging skin care products to help them turn back the clock.

 At the very beginning of my facial procedure, I have the women touch the skin all over their faces to feel the roughness and dryness. Within the first 2 minutes of my facial, I ask them to touch it again, and inevitably they are amazed at how soft and supple their skin feels already. 

I tell them, “This is what happens to your skin when you properly wash your face with gentle but powerful products.” I just used the Cleansing Milk followed by the Algae Deep Cleanse, which I repeated a few times to continue to remove even more of the dead skin.

I am shocked at some women’s attitudes toward proper cleansing. This makes me think they are not showing themselves gratitude and respect on a daily basis. They don’t feel as though they have the time or are even worthy of this. 

It only takes one or two minutes in the morning and again in the evening to achieve beautiful skin. If you cannot carve out just a few minutes a day for yourself, I think you should reflect on your priorities. 

Even when you are on an airplane, you are instructed to put your mask on first and then assist your child or whomever you are traveling with. Self-love and self-respect are so important. If you love and respect yourself, then it is easier for others to love and respect you in return. Just a thought.

Try using the Algae Deep Cleanse for the month of November. I bet you will sleep better after proper cleansing and a good skincare routine at night, and then jump-start your day with the right attitude and feelings of positivity in the morning.

As always, I send you love and gratitude. Have the happiest Thanksgiving this year with your family and friends. Please pray for peace on this blessed earth.

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