May Newsletter

May is upon us! 

We have been through a lot over the past 14 months. There has been so much suffering mentally, physically, and financially. Some of us have lost loved ones, others have lost their businesses. If we pick ourselves back up and count our blessings, the outcome will be amazing. Self-care really helps us reset our lives. It is time for you to reboot and take charge of the life you have been given. To have a human birth is such a gift. Our attitude towards life helps us discover a positive outcome rather than being trapped in victimhood. Of course, your health and happiness are so essential. Peace of mind starts from within. Here are some helpful tips that can allow us to create a more peaceful environment. Most importantly, we need to clear the energy in our homes. These tips help: 

Put a tablespoon of regular salt into a cereal bowl and fill it with water and place one in each of the rooms used the most during the day, as well as your bedroom, for a more restful sleep. This water will attract all of the negative energy. You must change the water every day. Non-believers, be prepared to be blown away. 
Make sure your home or workplace is very organized and clean. Clutter is not good for your psyche. This simple act gives you a sense of calm and peace of mind. 

Buy some crystals. My home and workplace are loaded with amethysts, rose quartz, smokey quartz, and clear quartz - to name a few. The crystals will impart a very cool and peaceful vibe. 

Light white candles to purify your environment. BE VERY CAREFUL not to start a fire. Never leave the candles lit when you leave the house. I place mine in a dish and put them into the sink in the kitchen. There is no chance of starting a fire. 
Being aware of your emotions and your thought process helps you become more in control of your life and outcome. Being gentle with yourself is important. But also, make sure you keep growing. Many people keep making the same mistakes over and over again. 

As always, I believe in the power of natural vibrational healing through the energy of pure essential oils, crystals, algae, and the power of the mind through meditation. You may wonder why I always share transformational information with you. I use vanity as a way into your consciousness to get you to take better care of yourself. This is where true happiness and beauty come from. If you have a loving relationship with your high self, you will attract love in your life. You will be more successful. The world will be a better place, one person at a time. 
This month to help you get in the mood for self-love, my Algae Fine Powder Bath, Calming Bath, and Toning Bath will be featured at 20% off. Use code: MAY

Before bedtime, try drinking a mug of chamomile tea. It will soothe your nerves and calm your soul. 

The natural essential oils and seaweed extracts in Toning Bath are anti-aging and stimulate the body's natural detoxification process to eliminate water retention, reduce cellulite, and even prevent stretch marks. After exercise, it rids the body of lactic acid which causes sore muscles. You'll emerge with your body toned and your mind revitalized.

The effects of stress are some of the most damaging to the mind and body. It is the cause of countless diseases and conditions such as depression, weight gain, premature aging, immune system impairment and even cancer. It is vital to your health to de-stress often in order to release the harmful toxins that stress produces. The special blend of essential oils and seaweed in Calming Bath will help you deeply relax and rid the body of harsh toxins, allowing it to calm and recover.

Get the same detoxifying and re-mineralizing effects of Susan’s famous Seaweed Body Wrap at home with the powerful Algae Fine Powder. Like bathing in the ocean, this potent powder instilled with 100% pure organic seaweed from Brittany, France, nourishes and helps strengthen the skin. It helps rid the body of excess water retention, reduces cellulite as it infuses the skin with powerful anti-aging antioxidants, keeping you feeling balanced and hydrated. It also helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles, making it the perfect post-workout bath treatment.



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