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How to Protect Your Skin When Flying!

Susan Ciminelli

Posted on January 03 2020

How to Protect Your Skin When Flying

We all know how we feel after traveling for a long distance.  

Why does your skin feel so dry when you debark the plane? 

The altitude can strip your face of a glow, impacting the blood flow to your skin, causing your skin to feel dull and dry. Your skin can also break out, due to the fact that oil can get trapped under the top layer of the skin.

There are several ways to remedy this:

1. The night before you fly, exfoliate and moisturize

2. Hydrate on the plane, depending on how long the flight drink 8 oz. of water every hour 

3. Avoid Alcohol, this alone will dehydrate even when you are not in the air

4. Snack on wet foods to keep hydrated from the inside and out 

5. Reapply your moisturizer regularly

6. Use a hydrating mist

7. Lavender oil - use this on the plane, it kills bacteria

8. Wear less makeup

9. Take your SPF, you can actually get sunburned because airplane windows don’t block the    UV rays. 

10. Take Blue Green Algae Pills to help eliminate radiation poisoning from flying.  

Note: I always take an Algae Fine Powder bath after I fly because it helps get rid of the radiation as well while reinvigorating you after a long flight.

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