How to Prevent Breakouts on Your Skin

How to Prevent Skin Breakouts - The Ciminelli Solution to Blemish-free, Healthy Skincare

Have you ever wondered why you break out in the first place? The answer is two-fold. External skin care routine and habits, and internal, healthy self-care. Or lack of it.

We are a magnet for bacteria. Our hands get very dirty throughout the day and we typically touch our faces several hundred times per day. The bacteria then wreak havoc on our skin causing a breakout.

Effective Skincare Products to Prevent Breakouts

The other day when I was cleaning something a drop of dirty water splashed onto my face. It was only a drop that I felt touch my skin above my mask line. By the evening, I had a blemish forming.

After washing my face with my Cleansing Milk, and then Algae Deep Cleanse, I used my typical products for my skin type.

Right after I applied my Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream, I put a drop of my Sea Clay Mask right on the newly forming blemish. By morning the mark had disappeared.

Prevent Skin Breakouts at the Internal Source

Internally, whenever I am constipated from not eating enough veggies or drinking enough water, I will break out on the sides of my mouth. This area of my face indicates my colon needs a good jumpstart and cleanse.

I take Super Cleanse by Natures Secret at night before bed and also drink a mug of Smooth Move Tea.

In the morning I get relief. This helps stop me from actually breaking out and helps me stay cleaner and healthier from the inside out. It even affects my moods and the quality of my sleep.

How to Heal Breakouts Quickly for Smooth Skin Free from Blemishes

In the past, if I was totally exhausted, on occasion I went to bed without washing my face. Inevitably, I broke out the next day.

It is a good thing I know how to quickly heal my breakouts. I now cleanse my skin and do my night time ritual (which only takes 2 minutes in total), right after dinner just to avoid having to do it when I am really tired.

Another trick to preventing breakouts is to change your pillow case several times a week to avoid cross contamination. I also wash my pillows often as well because bacteria from perspiration becomes embedded in our pillows.

I always use a clean washcloth to remove my Cleansing Milk at night and use a clean towel to dry my face. I never use the towel I use on my body on my face.

Even though I shower twice a day, I still change my body towel every day. Don’t worry, I have an energy efficient washer and dryer. I am also very careful how I use water at home so I feel as though I have the right to have clean surroundings.

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