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Try This At-Home Skincare Routine for Luxuriously Glowing Skin

Wouldn’t you like to have the same kind of glowing, vibrant, beautiful skin tone as superstar celebrities and supermodels? Read further, and I will pull back the curtain for you now to reveal exactly how to ‘Get the Glow’ for yourself at home in a way that is simple, easy, fast, and personally fulfilling. 

Follow this advice, and you will enjoy the same glowing, dewy, soft, luxurious skin tone that makes people take notice and shower you with compliments. I promise that you will not only look better on the outside, but you will also feel far better physically and have more energy, confidence, and personal happiness.

What Do I Mean by ‘Glowing Skin’ or ‘Dewy’ Looking Skin Tone?

How to Get The Glow - Susan Ciminelli Glowing Skin Skincare Routine

When you see famous public figures (especially women) on television and online, you probably notice how different their skin appears to the average person you know. Their skin seems so smooth, vibrant, and luminous - as though beaming with light, like a glazed doughnut. 

Glowing skin is very attractive to look at and so pleasant to touch. The entertainment industry knows this, which is why ‘The Glow’ is the ultimate standard of visual beauty and attractiveness. The glow is why entire teams of beauty and skincare professionals make their living working with politicians, stars, and the rich and famous for preparing them to go before the camera. 

Here’s something that may surprise you, though. The Glow you’re looking for isn’t achieved by covering up flaws with makeup. 

Achieving glowing skin successfully means doing so WITHOUT wearing make-up. This is true glowing skin. It is a flawless canvas upon which to apply minimal foundation because there is almost nothing to cover up. My testimonials over the past four decades attest to that fact.

More surprising good news is that you can get the glow for yourself in the privacy of your own home without an expensive team of professionals fussing over you.

Glowing Skin Through Natural, Holistic Self-Care Has Been My Passion

I have been teaching people how to have flawless skin since the 70's. It started in High School. I had the gift of knowing how to achieve flawless skin holistically through diet and the right type of minimal products to be used twice daily. 

I could always tell when someone had a problem with their skin and what was the most likely underlying cause. 

When I was young, I had severe digestive issues and an ulcer and was living in total chaos with my family. Mealtimes were particularly stressful. This issue totally impacted my digestion, assimilation of what I was eating as well as the elimination of waste. I was severely constipated, which impacted the size of my pores, and the tone of my skin, resulting in breakouts. I was miserable. That experience taught me to go 'within' to fix the cause of the problem. 

I learned how to meditate for my survival, to escape what was happening around me. It is a miracle I lived to tell the tale. I knew this was happening to me for a reason and that my life's purpose was to share my knowledge with other people suffering the same fate. 

The Secret to Glowing Skin Starts With What You Put Into Your Body.

Food became my medicine of sorts. I used food to heal my ulcer, fix my constipation, and help my skin breakouts. Of course, it should be no surprise that I prepared and ate healthy, organic, natural foods. There’s an old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out,” and when I stopped putting garbage in my body, I quickly felt and saw the changes internally and, gratefully, externally. It was life-altering, to say the least.

As the decades rolled on, my family would watch the news and see the reports about this or that “latest discovery” about certain foods and their scientifically proven benefits, and they always noted that I had been saying the same thing forever. 

Because of my unique and growing expertise in the area of holistic, natural beauty and skincare treatments, I was blessed with the privilege of sharing this knowledge with people like Al Pacino, Sigourney Weaver, Martha Stewart, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Mrs, Henry Kissinger, Ethel Kennedy, Peggy Dulany (David Rockefeller's daughter), Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Coppola, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, John Cusak, Christi Turlington, Stephanie Seymore, Peggy Lipton, Phylicia Rashad, LuLu, Middle Eastern royalty, and so many more. Now, I pass that blessing on to you.

The Truth About Glowing Skin and What Gives Skin That Glowing Look. 

Glowing skin starts with proper cleansing. If you neglect to remove dull, dead skin cells that enlarge your pores and make your skin look unhealthy, you will never achieve glowing skin. There’s a key bit of knowledge for you to remember because if your window panes were covered with grease, grime, and dirt, you couldn’t enjoy the light trying to shine its way through.

The Skin Cleanse Process that Clears the Way to Glowing Skin.

Never use soap anywhere on your face or body. The soap scum never rinses off, and the build-up suffocates your skin, creating all sorts of problems. 

Instead of soap, use a skincare cleanser designed specifically for leaving your skin truly clean and fresh without leaving behind a tacky film and without leaving your skin dry. I recommend choosing from among the Pore Minimizing Cleanser, Bamboo Ginger Scrub, Cleansing Gel, or Algae Deep Cleanse. 

Rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Skincare Products I Specially Designed to Give You Glowing Skin

Once your skin is perfectly clean, you’ll want to utilize the fool-proof trio of natural beauty products I’ve designed to turn back the clock and make your skin look luminous and radiant all day and night. You will look dewy and fresh using my signature Pre-moisturizing Trilogy that includes:

  • My signature essential oils
  • Marine Lotion
  • Seawater (used right before you apply your moisturizer). 

The Trilogy will not disappoint you because it keeps your glow throughout the day. While you’re checking out those, you may want to see my Susan Ciminelli 123 Glow Kit which is a perfect accompaniment to your skincare routine.

1-2-3 Glow Kit - Luxuriously Glowing Skin Skincare Products by Susan Ciminelli

A Few Bad Habits that Ruin the Glow

You may have some habits that, while innocent enough because it seems normal, will tend to leave your skin looking dry, flaky, dull, and lifeless. To win the prize of glowing skin, you will need to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and adjust your habits accordingly so you can go out each day looking amazing.

  • There are over 3000 chemicals released into the bloodstream when you inhale cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke is just as bad. Smoking makes your veins and arteries very brittle, making it extremely difficult for your blood to flow properly. It also increases your chances of heart attacks, strokes, and various forms of cancer. A death sentence for many.

  • Junk food should never, ever be consumed. It is toxic for your body, energy levels, emotions, and your mind as well. It affects the behavior of children and negatively impacts their ability to learn properly.

    Your diet impacts the quality of your blood, your immune system, and your overall state of being. Fortunately, since I was a child, I violently reacted to chemicals in my food. This contributed to my quest to heal my skin and my ulcer, constipation, and other health problems. With a healthy body comes healthy, attractive skin.

  • Stay out of excessive sun exposure or UV rays. You inadvertently age skin prematurely when you have too much electromagnetic radiation. It doesn’t have to result in sunburn - the sun does the job of robbing your skin of moisture regardless.

    Even though you need the vitamin D that sun exposure provides, it is important to use sunscreen to block the harmful UVB rays that cause cancer. Both UVA and UVB cause skin damage. However, using a good SPF and reapplying it every hour protects you enough.

  • Failing to cleanse your skin twice daily. The skincare routine that gives your skin that luminous glow is not very time intensive. In just a few minutes in the morning and evening, you can refresh your skin so that your pores are smaller, your skin feels wonderful, and the natural oils in your skin are well-balanced.

    It is surprising how many women who come in for beauty consultations at my day spa in New York are shocked when I tell them they must make a habit of twice daily cleansing. Once I let them touch their skin post-cleanse, they understand why it is so important. The skin is one of the mediums your body uses to expel waste. So, when you dry off, that’s what gets on your towel.

  • Along the same line of twice-daily skin cleansing, never re-use a towel that you’ve previously dried off with. Rather, always have a fresh, clean towel ready.

    The dead skin, dirt, and skin secretions that rubbed off from previous use only end up back on your skin when you reach for a dirty towel. Just because the towel looks reasonably clean doesn’t mean it is. One use and into the dirty laundry pile if you’re serious about getting ‘The Glow’ and sustaining it long term.

Healthy Habits that Help Your Quest for Glowing, Radiant Skin.

Replace such skin-harming habits as smoking and eating junk (or fast food) with healthier alternatives that support your desire for glowing skin. 

Eat Right & Cook for Yourself to Make Getting the Glow Easier.

Obesity is an epidemic and is getting much worse. If people only knew how easy it was to lose weight IF they cook for themselves at home. 

In my book, "The Ciminelli Solution, A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin," I teach people how to set up their kitchen for easy meal prep and cooking. I am very busy, running a business, being a wife, and just taking care of myself, but I always have time to cook my two meals a day for myself and my precious husband. 

When I was building my business in Manhattan, I went to an acupuncturist once a week for health and wellness. He begged me to cook for myself, but I lamented that I had NO time to shop, cook, clean, etc. He knew that if I would just make that one change in my life, my health would improve. 

Well, after hearing this for months, I decided to prioritize and organize my life in such a way that I could really make a difference in my life and take care of myself once and for all. The changes in my health came very rapidly. My energy improved, my sleep was better, and I just felt like a different person. I suddenly had the energy to exercise. That was a game-changer too. 

Exercise is so good for your moods, weight, health, and skin because, with the increase in your circulation, your body functions better. The blood carries nutrients as well as waste, and when it passes through your system, the waste gets eliminated through your pores, bladder, lungs, and colon.  

Gut Health is Skin Health - ‘Dis’ease Shows Up on Your Skin.

Your colon must be working properly in order for your body to properly get rid of waste. If not, all of the toxins get backed up, and your system breaks down slowly. 

Eating 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut daily provides you with the best form of friendly bacteria life has to offer. Food fermentation started in China over 2000 years ago as a preservative. The health benefits of sauerkraut are far superior to yogurt and kefir. The friendly bacteria count is much higher, which you need for good gut health. 

The healthier your gut is, the healthier your immune system is. It also is very low carb and contains Vitamin C, K, B6, copper, folate, iron, a little bit of protein, fiber, manganese, potassium, and copper.  

It is the perfect snack food post-workout. While I’m on that point, keep my Post-Workout Skincare Package in mind the next time you exercise.

Meditation and Deep Breathing to Reduce Stress-Related Blemishes

Glowing Skin Needs a Calm Mind - Meditatation, Deep Breathing for Better Skin Results

Another great habit to make part of your daily lifestyle is meditation for relaxation. Meditation connects you with your higher self, which means you develop a level of self-awareness that guides your present-moment experience more intelligently, not allowing you to destroy your life. 

The controlled attention used in mediation enables you to willfully detach your mind from stressful or bothersome thoughts so that you can be more effective and calm, like an athlete who steps into ‘The Zone’ for outstanding personal performance.

Stress is a killer for so many reasons. Stress makes people do harmful, destructive things to themselves, like smoke, eat poorly, drink excessively, take unhealthy drugs, etc. Meditation is a life changer. Proper breathing is a life changer. 

Deep Breathing for Less Stress, More Energy, and Better Focus

Proper breathing with long, slow and deep breaths throughout the day helps to keep you calm. This allows you to sit and meditate for 1/2 hour or longer at one time. It gives you more mental clarity, better use of your brain capacity, and helps you remain calm and happy. Life is stressful. It is how you deal with it that makes all of the difference. Meditating and proper breathing regularly help you have more control over your emotions and your actions.

Now you have a holistic, natural approach that will help you ‘Get the Glow’ in a way that, if you think about it, will not just rejuvenate your skin and give it that dewy, luscious, luxurious glowing appearance, but will rejuvenate your daily life in the process. Follow this advice and you will not only look better, you’ll feel better.

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