How to Get Rid of Adult Acne - The Ciminelli Solution

Susan Ciminelli Reveals the Best Adult Acne Treatment that Heals in a Natural, Holistic, Healthy Way

When I meet new clients that are 30-60+ years old who still break out and are confused by this, I know the cause of the breakouts and how to fix this issue. The upside is that not only will your skin improve immensely, but your health and wellness will also.

Poor Gut Health - The Internal, Underlying Cause of Adult Acne

Having an imbalance in your gut bio will cause a build-up of toxins, impurities, harmful bacteria, and the like. Your skin is an eliminative organ. Your lungs expel gaseous waste, your bladder liquid waste, your large intestine expels solid waste, and lastly, your skin, through your pores, eliminates waste. We perspire all day and night. Our perspiration contains waste that leads to breakouts. 

Also, your blood is a carrier of nutrients AND waste throughout your whole body. These impurities will escape your system in the form of breakouts. Where you break out on your face indicates which organs are in need of detox and cleansing. 

Your Internal Solution to Fix the Internal Cause of Adult Acne

For my gut bio health, I personally make a batch of sauerkraut every three weeks and recommend that you eat 2+ tablespoons of it daily because even that small amount carries 10,000,000,000 helpful bacteria, which is sure to balance your gut bio. This is far more than yogurt or kefir. It is quite easy to make. You can pickle other vegetables as well once you learn how to do this.

Many cultures worldwide live longer, healthier lives because they eat fermented foods daily. This is paramount to your health and wellness, as well as beauty. Even your brain health benefits from this, as well as your moods.

It is imperative to follow a good skin care regimen twice daily, every day, for the external part of this equation. Proper cleansing is so very important for good, healthy skin free of blemishes. 

People perspire all day and night; the quicker you cleanse your skin in the morning and perform a great skincare routine, the better. So many of my new clients don’t wash their faces in the morning, and not one of them has good skin. 

Also, going to bed at night without washing your face and performing a good skincare routine is going to lead to breakouts as well. I make two different masks that can and should be used at least once a week all over your face for 20 minutes but also used as a spot treatment on blemishes overnight.

The Best Products to Reduce the External Appearance of Adult Acne

The Sea Clay Mask and the Pore Minimizing Mask work exceedingly well. You can dab a tiny bit on any blemish right over your moisturizer just before bedtime. Just let it dry and remove it the next morning when you are doing your morning skincare routine. 

I guarantee your skin will improve IF you put a tiny bit of effort internally and externally. Teach your children good habits while you are at it as well. It is never too late or too early to develop good habits.

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