February Newsletter

February is an exciting month. Winter is half over, which is good unless you are a skier. And Valentine’s Day is February 14th. The promise of love may be in the air. If you are looking for love, start with self-love. That is how you will attract love in your life. If you find it hard to love yourself, start small by taking better care of yourself. Make small changes to your daily routine. Wash your face, or shower twice a day. This will help you sleep better at night and energize you in the morning. It clears your vibration as well.

Your diet and lifestyle can make you feel better about yourself too. Eating a diet filled with natural, nutritious foods, as organic as possible, can stabilize your blood sugar and keep your moods even as well. Eating small portions ensures better digestion because your stomach is only as big as your closed fist. We Americans eat so much at one time. Our portion size is way out of control, especially in restaurants. I remember the first time I went to Europe. I was amazed at how small the portion sizes were. At first glance, I felt like I was being ripped off until I finished my dish and was beyond satisfied. Europeans also eat slowly. They are not in a rush like we are in the west. When you eat slowly, you more easily digest your food. Eating fast wreaks havoc on your immune system because you don't absorb the nutrients in your food and don't eliminate the waste from the undigested food either. The undigested waste accumulates in your colon, and this is what contributes to large pores, blackheads, pimples, cysts, hormonal imbalances, Rosacea, enzyme, psoriasis, and a whole bevy of other problems as well. It will deplete you of your life force energy. Proper breathing techniques help you deeply relax and increase your energy levels.

Your daily skincare routine helps you look more radiant and beautiful. I started my company with only $300 to my name. The information I gave clients about health and wellness helped me gain a following very quickly in the early '80s. Nobody taught people where their beauty issues originated. The products I created are unique, but they won't stop you from breaking out because that comes from the quality of your blood. You are in control of that with diet and lifestyle. As I knelt on the floor with clients on the couch, I started my journey as an entrepreneur. At first, I made my products in the kitchen from food, essential oils, and other natural ingredients until I could afford to make my skincare product line in a lab.

Fast forward to 2022, I returned to Western New York to be closer to family. I love the slower pace of life. The only downside is I don't have a bathtub in my apartment, and I miss it so much. My baths are slimming as well as relaxing. However, my daily meditation practice does help me deal with stress and tension tremendously. Meditation is the best thing that ever came into my life.

Don’t let winter weather destroy your skin. Here are some skin care tips for navigating through winter:
  • Make sure you use Hydrating Gel Mask at least once a week all over your face and neck to ensure deep hydration.
  • Use Cleansing Milk as an evening cleanser even if you don’t wear any make-up because it is soothing. Just use a warm damp washcloth to remove it.
  • Follow immediately with your essential oil blend for your skin type, Marine Lotion, Seawater, and your Moisturizer and Eye and Wrinkle Cream twice a day, morning and evening.

If you take just a few minutes day and night, you will turn back the clock and look much younger than your biological years. 

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