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Believe it or not, most skin problems are not really a problem with the skin.  Skin is an eliminative organ of the body, and when you see blemishes or irritation or dryness, it’s only the skin doing its job, eliminating waste and toxins from somewhere inside your body, and depositing them outside the body, for all to see.

Susan Ciminelli has understood and respected this her entire life, and that’s why her clients radiate what the New York Times has dubbed “The Susan Ciminelli Glow.”   Susan’s new book, “The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin” offers a detailed map of exactly how to get the skin of your dreams.

Skin care the Susan Ciminelli way is about eating for your skin type, taking luxurious detoxifying baths, unblocking energy that is stuck in the body due to stress, and nourishing the skin and rewarding it as it does its body purification job 24 hours a day.  When healthy things go in your body, when stress and negative emotions are released, and when you put only pure and nutritious products on your skin, you can’t help but glow.

Far from promising the latest, greatest miracle in a jar, Susan empowers her clients with the knowledge about why they have skin problems, and she enables them with practical and simple diet, lifestyle and skin care solutions that lead to a lifelong radiant complexion.  For those who can get to her spa on E. 57th St in Manhattan, a private session with Susan is a wonderful education that will last a lifetime.  No false hope offered here.  Only proven results.  Susan’s own flawless skin is the prime example.

Truly great skin isn’t a mask that rich people can afford to buy or that lucky people are born with.  You can start today to have the skin of your dreams, the Susan Ciminelli way.  With truth, respect, love and immediate, noticeable results.

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