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Spring has finally arrived! With the cold winter behind us, we can now look forward to longer days and warmer weather. Spring is the perfect time to make positive changes, recover from the harsh winter months, and continue the natural process of renewal and growth in our lives. Throughout my spring newsletter, I will fill you in on this season’s biggest wellness and beauty tips so that you may remain glowing and healthy over the next few months. There are also a few upcoming projects that I am very excited to share with you all. Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous, and radiant spring.

–Susan Ciminelli, Creator and Founder


I’m excited to announce two new projects that are in the works. First, I will be partnering with Amazon and Amazon TV. In the upcoming months, Susan Ciminelli products will have their own American and European storefront on Amazon.com, and I will be able to share my products and philosophy with regular appearances on Amazon TV’s Style Code Live. I will keep you posted with dates to tune in.

I am also excited to share with you the addition of permanent cosmetic treatments to the 57th St. Beauty Clinic. You can wake up flawless every morning with permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrow treatments, permanent lip makeup, and eyelash extensions. Available with Irina. Call today for a consultation and more information.


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I’ve just returned from my second Healing Art of Beauty retreat at the Aman Venice. I have been able to help so many guests achieve inner and outer balance, leading them to health and beautiful skin. I want to thank the Aman Venice for their hospitality and warmth, and I can’t wait for my next visit to Italy.


I am now serving as a monthly guest host on health guru Lisa Davis’s National Public Radio show “It’s Your Health”. You can tune in to your favorite local stations listed below or listen online at http://itsyourhealthwithlisadavis.com/.

NPR affiliate KMBH & KHDH , Public Radio 88 FM
http://88fm.org – YOU CAN LISTEN ON-LINE
Sundays at 3:00pm CT and Tuesdays at 1:00pm CT

KSBT FM 91.5 The Texas Tornado, Houston, TX
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WERL AM 950 Freedom Talk
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WATW AM 1400 Freedom Talk
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1-2-3 GLOW KIT


Whether you’re in need of a quick skin pick-me-up or looking to return your skin to its natural glow and youthful appearance, 1-2-3 Glow kit is the perfect solution. This affordable kit provides a luxurious, spa-worthy facial that you can do at home, including a skin peel, a nourishing skin-activating serum, and a deep hydrating mask. In less than thirty minutes, you can have healthy skin and a long-lasting, luminous glow. This beauty treatment is being offered at $29.99. Please visit our website, www.123glow.com, for more information.


matchaI am so excited to share my new treatment with you! I have crafted a luxurious Matcha Hydrating Anti-Aging Mask that is now available as an add-on to any facial service for $75 in the Susan Ciminelli Beauty Clinic at 118 East 57th St.

Matcha is a bright green powder finely ground from whole green tea leaves in an ancient tradition that dates back thousands of years. Because of this, matcha is a more potent, nutrient-dense version of regular green tea.

When consumed, the high concentration of antioxidants in matcha helps regulate blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, slow down aging, slow the growth of cancer cells, and boost metabolism. These antioxidants will also create glowing, healthier-looking skin. The high levels of chlorophyll in matcha encourage detoxification in the body, leading to a clearer complexion. Matcha contains about three times the caffeine content of green tea and also contains the chemical l-theanine, which induces relaxation. Matcha is a wonderful option for a zen boost of energy.

The health benefits of matcha can be harnessed for your skin as well. A matcha face mask leaves skin feeling silky and glowing, and provides a long-term decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. Matcha’s natural soothing properties make matcha the perfect option for calming redness and sensitivity when applied topically.


My product line is available for purchase in the 57th St. Beauty Clinic, on our website, and through Amazon Prime.

Moisture Replenishing Day Cream soothes dry skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles. This cream is comprised of essential ingredients such as shea butter, Vitamins A, C, and E, and soybean protein, all of which serve to nourish and heal skin after the cold, drying winter months.


Very Berry Serum’s antioxidant-rich formula is essential for providing your skin with nutrients, combating free radicals, and preventing wrinkles. This ultra lightweight serum also adds a natural tint to skin when added to your day or night cream.


Algae Deep Cleanse
is the perfect cleanser for spring. This unique, natural exfoliant contains glycogen that melts away dead skin cells deep within pores, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft after months of harsh weather. Algae Deep Cleanse can be used around the eyes, mouth, neck, and décolleté to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Algae Fine Powder is a great addition to any bath to help you begin to get bikini-ready. Once dissolved in bathwater, the powder produces a liquid seaweed bath that reduces water retention, removes toxins, stimulates circulation and drastically minimizes cellulite appearance.

As described in The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin, I recommend dry brushing your entire body before taking an Algae bath to maximize cellulite reduction . I suggest purchasing a vegetable cleaning brush from your local grocery store to use for brushing. Before you enter the bath, brush skin thoroughly starting at your ankles and making your way up your legs. Brush your abdomen clockwise, then brush your lower back towards your abdomen. Raise your arms above your head and stroke towards your armpit. Reach over your shoulder for the top of your back and brush in the direction of your collarbone. Your skin should turn pink, indicating an increase in blood flow to the surface of the skin. Blood will carry fresh oxygen to the skin’s surface, all the while burning fat and whisking away toxins. Once you have finished dry-brushing, taking a seaweed bath with Algae Fine Powder will encourage further cellulite reduction and detoxification in the body.


The philosophy that has inspired my last forty years of work in this industry is that beauty comes from within. It is essential to get to the root cause of skin problems in order to see strong, lasting changes in skin appearance. Below are some tips to help you find health and beauty from the inside out.


Estrogen is vital to the human body, but an overabundance of this hormone can lead to negative symptoms such as irregular menstrual periods, weight gain, bloating, headaches, mood swings, and a higher risk of diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, and thyroid disorders. Furthermore, high estrogen levels negatively impact skin. High estrogen levels have a large impact on skin’s oil production, have been linked to acne, and cause facial bloating and puffiness. Below are some of the most effective ways to balance estrogen levels.

1. Consume more fiber
Dietary fiber can assist in the elimination of estrogen found in bile. Fiber-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

2. Eat organically
When absorbed, pesticides and other chemicals used in food products can mimic estrogen in the body. Eat organically to avoid consumption of these harmful chemicals. Additionally, non-organic red meats and chicken are pumped full of hormones.

3. Minimize stress
In order to cope with stress, the body burns large amounts of progesterone and creates cortisol. A by-product of this biological process is an excess of estrogen. When you find yourself becoming over-stressed, take a moment to just breathe. Breathing deeply will give you an extra boost of oxygen that will promote relaxation and relieve stress.

4. Maintain healthy sleep habits
Poor sleep can lower melatonin levels in the body. Since melatonin is responsible for protecting your body against estrogen dominance, it’s important to maintain high melatonin levels through healthy sleep habits. Get as much sunlight as possible during the day, take time to wind down and relax at the end of the day, and be sure to go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day in order to maximize sleep.



Meditation is a simple, easy practice that can promote peace from within, provide stress relief, and give you a better night’s sleep. Meditation releases serotonin, a feel-good hormone, in the brain, increasing happiness. Meditation brings us back to the present moment and encourages mindfulness in everyday life.

An improved sense of wellbeing and harmony will reveal itself through changes in the skin. Meditation encourages an increased flow of oxygen, bolstering skin’s appearance. Decreasing stress can also minimize pre-existing skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Additionally, meditation provides numerous health benefits. Meditation can rewire the brain and affect the body on a deep physical level. Some of the health benefits of meditation include:

• Reduces blood pressure
• Minimizes inflammation
• Eases anxiety
• Lessens incidence, severity, and duration of illnesses like the flu
• Relieves menopausal symptoms
• Reduces digestive problems

If you are new to meditation, the easiest way to begin meditating is to just sit still for a few minutes. Sit up straight in a chair with your chin level to the ground. Breathe deeply and gently keep your attention on your breath. If you are having trouble stilling your mind, silently repeat the word “om” on every inhale and exhale. With daily meditation, you will see positive changes in your psychology, physical well-being, and even appearance.

Inside the Beauty Clinic, Susan Ciminelli offers a sixty-minute Guided Color Meditation and Crystal Healing. During this session, Susan will guide you through a meditation that will leave you feeling peaceful and whole.



This spring, it’s so important to take steps to keep our livers healthy. Our skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on in our body. This notion is so apparent in regards to our liver health. The liver is a crucial organ in our body’s digestive processes; the liver is responsible for processing nutrients as well as ridding the body of toxins.
A liver that is not functioning optimally will manifest itself in a dull, blemish-prone complexion and even speed along the skin’s aging process. A toxic liver will cause inflammation in the body, leading to skin conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, hives, psoriasis, and acne. Inflammation of this nature will also encourage premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. An unhealthy liver is often indicated by an off-white color or yellowing of the eyes. A toxic liver is even the reason why fat and cellulite accumulate on the upper thighs in the form of saddlebags.
Below are the best ways to cleanse your liver and keep it functioning efficiently, so that you can have a glowing, radiant, blemish-free complexion this spring.

1. Consume less alcohol
The liver is responsible for processing alcohol and ridding the body of alcohol’s toxins. Alcohol abuse can destroy liver cells, increase liver inflammation, and ultimately negatively impact long-term liver health.

2. Consume milk thistle
Studies show that improves liver function and can improve the outcome of patients with liver cirrhosis. Milk thistle simultaneously rebuilds liver cells and removes toxins from the body. Milk thistle can be purchased in supplement form.

milk thistle

3. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet
Inflammation inhibits the liver’s ability to do its job. Eventually, liver inflammation will lead to permanent scarring or cirrhosis of the liver. Try eating anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens, beets, salmon, blueberries, broccoli, pineapple, olive oil, fruits, and nuts.

4. Manage stress
Stress promotes an inflammatory response in the body, worsening liver damage and contributing to liver diseases. Utilize meditation to minimize daily stress.


One of my favorite recipes for the springtime is my Antioxidant Salad. This salad is filled with fiber and antioxidant-rich vegetables that will help keep your skin looking fresh and young. This recipe can be found in my book, The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin, along with other recipes that will keep your skin looking radiant this spring.

1 head romaine lettuce, torn into pieces
1 small bunch arugula, torn into pieces
½ cup freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley
6 freshly chopped basil leaves
1 carrot, thinly sliced
1 stalk celery, thinly sliced
¼ cup radish sprouts
1 fennel bulb, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon roasted sesame seeds or 1 teaspoon ground flaxseeds or ¼ cup toasted pumpkin seeds
Dressing (I recommend my Lemon-lime Olive Oil Dressing or my Sesame-Ginger Carrot Dressing, recipes for which can be found in The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin)

Combine all ingredients except the dressing in a large bowl. Toss with just enough dressing to lightly coat. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.



Q: What are your biggest beauty tips for the spring?
A: My spring beauty tips are twofold. First, it is essential to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated over the winter months. Once skin is exfoliated, it is essential to rehydrate and nourish skin with a moisturizer or moisturizing mask.

Q: What foods should I eat more of during the spring?
A: In the spring, the liver purges its waste, causing the skin to break out. Eating foods that are fresh and in season, such as apricots, asparagus, avocados, fennel, mangoes, pineapples and peas, is a must-have for great skin in the spring. I always take milk thistle pills and drink milk thistle tea in the spring as well as increase my intake of matcha tea to help bathe the liver and gently remove the toxins that have accumulated in the liver throughout the winter season.

Q: What changes should I be making to my skincare routine in the spring?
A: The skin needs to be nourished in the springtime to recover from the harsh weather, dry air, and extreme temperatures of winter. The unique layering of Hydrating Formula, Seawater and Marine Lotion before one of our moisturizers will ensure deep hydration, a beautiful glow, and the removal of the remnants of winter weather.

Q: What are the best ways to exfoliate dead, winter skin?
A: I believe in gentle exfoliation. If you cannot get to the spa for one of our signature facial treatments that leave you feeling and looking years younger and more relaxed, try our 1-2-3 Glow kit, our at-home facial kit, followed with any of our naturally rich but gentle skin care products that are perfect for all skin types. Our Algae Deep Cleanse gently removes dead skin cells and can be used on a daily basis. Teenage or problematic skin can benefit from the Pore Minimizing Cleanser, which is infused with essential oils that help kill bacteria and minimize pores, preventing future breakouts.

Q: How can I minimize oily skin?
A: Avoiding sugar, coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, processed foods, fried foods, and living a healthy lifestyle all help minimize oily skin, which is a result of a fatty liver. Your skin never lies. Drinking water with fresh lemon at least three times a day, starting in the morning, will also minimize oil production. Lemon cleanses the alimentary canal, which starts in the mouth and ends in the lower intestines, and also acts as a tonic for the liver.

Q: What are the best ways to deal with spring allergies?
The best way to minimize spring allergies is by following the plan laid out in my book, The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin. Each morning, drink a concoction of either warm water with fresh lemon juice or warm water with organic apple cider vinegar, or a combo of fresh lemon juice mixed with organic extra virgin olive oil to deeply cleanse the liver area.

Q: What are the best supplements for me to take around this time of the year?
A: I love taking 500 mg of vitamin C throughout the day, 5000 IU of vitamin D, and a great multivitamin filled with calcium and magnesium. I also recommend taking selenium supplements. I never purchase vitamins from a supermarket or a regular drugstore, as these vitamins are often full of fillers that reduce the quality of the vitamins. Additionally, food is medicine and eating the right foods can help prevent many diseases and help you live a healthier and possibly longer life with the bonus of beautiful skin.



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