"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."

― John Steinbeck

summer newsletter

The easiest way to prevent or slow down aging is by being diligent with the application of a good sunscreen on all exposed body parts. No matter how high the SPF you are wearing is, it needs to be applied every two hours in order to be effective. Although summer is one of most exciting times of the year for many of us, it can also be one of the most dangerous. No matter what age, it is important to take all the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from the potentially harmful UV rays. Throughout this newsletter I will fill you in on everything you need to know to keep the skin protected and healthy. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the launch of my 1-2-3 Glow Kit ― one of the biggest and most exciting projects I've ever worked on! I hope you all have a spectacular stress free summer filled with lots of love, laughter, and SPF. Keep your bodies healthy, and be well!

- Susan Ciminelli, Creator and Founder








A Group Retreat Experience: The Healing Art of Beauty

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be launching The Healing Art of Beauty retreat in the elegant Aman Venice Hotel in the late fall. Located in Venice, Italy, the Aman is a seven-star luxury hotel situated in the vibrant district of San Polo. This magnificent resort has two private gardens and features elegant salons, a ballroom, an astounding dining room, along with a gorgeous roof terrace and intimate spa. Join me and experience a life changing holistic four-night retreat, where I share with you all my secrets to obtaining a glowing complexion while incorporating skin-boosting nutrition and guided art walks. This retreat's holistic approach to anti-aging and wellness addresses both inner and outer beauty through nutrition, healing therapies and my very own natural products. To learn more about the Aman Hotel, I advise you to take a look at the website, The Healing Art of Beauty at Aman Venice.

Additionally, stay tuned as I will continue to share more with you about this luxurious, life altering experience via email and social media.


27 November - 1 December 2016
4 - 8 December 2016
5 - 9 March 2017
12 - 16 March 2017

1-2-3 GLOW KIT

My newly launched, affordable, at home facial kit

My 1-2-3 Glow Kit, is finally here! This has been one of the most exciting projects that I've ever had the opportunity to work on. Although monthly facials are a great idea, I do understand that sometimes we can't make it to the spa, and need a quick fix. This is one of main reasons that I chose to create my very own at home facial kit. With my affordable, three-step facial kit, you can reveal your skin's natural beauty and youthful glow in less than 30 minutes! My 1-2-3 Glow Kit will soon be available to purchase online, in-store or by phone order. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to call the Beauty Clinic.


I am so excited to finally be able to share this exciting news with you! I recently partnered with Dr. Marco A. Contreras, DDS, PA a holistic, general and cosmetic dentist who specializes in fillers and Botox. Dr. Marco Contreras is able to reshape one's facial structure by adding length and bulk to the teeth, allowing wrinkles to be smoothed out, resulting in a younger appearance. I will offer my signature skincare treatments, including my famous Anti-Aging Facials at Dr. Marco Contreras's holistic healing center located about a mile from the Bal Harbour Shops in Miami. I am a true believer that our health is multifarious, encompassing physical, mental and emotional components. In order for us to obtain beauty on the outside, we must be sure to maintain good health from within.


Exposure to the sun is inevitable, but there are certainly precautions you should take to avoid unwanted sunspots. Use plenty of SPF on your skin and reapply every two hours, as it is one of the most powerful weapons to combat aging. Additionally, avoid sugar in your diet as much as possible. Increase your vitamin C intake by eating foods such as mushrooms, bell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli, peas, berries, kiwi fruit, guava, papaya, citrus fruits, and tomatoes. This will help keep your collagen levels strong as the sun weakens these levels and makes it sag. Vitamin C also helps to prevent broken capillaries by strengthening the capillary walls so they do not burst. It's best to take 500mg of vitamin C every few hours. You should eat foods high in vitamin E as well; this will help increase blood flow. Foods high in vitamin E include sunflower seeds, almonds, squash, cooked spinach, avocado, dark green leafy vegetables, beet greens, asparagus, shrimp, and fish. Sesame seeds are ideal because they contain both vitamin E and immune-boosting selenium; it's imperative that vitamin E is present in order for selenium to be absorbed into the body. Keep these health tips in mind and you can be outdoors protected and worry-free.



Pore Minimizing Cleanser is the newest cleanser to my line, and great for fighting acne to keep the skin clear during the summer. This powerful cleanser contains small granules which help to enhance skill cell turnover through gentle exfoliation. Willow Bark, a primary ingredient in this facial scrub, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
*New product


Marine Lotion is my miraculous multiuse skin boosting, anti-aging serum. A great choice this summer for those wanting to perfect their bikini body, as Marine Lotion will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks on the body.


Power C Moisturizer is the lightest moisturizer in my line, perfect for those hot summer days. This light nourishing moisturizer includes Vitamins A, C and E, which help to purify and balance the skin. Power C also helps to brighten, condition and tone the skin.

spf 30

SPF 30 is my ultra-luxurious, antioxidant rich sunscreen, which moisturizes the skin while offering full sun protection. It is essential that you use an SPF; a moisturizer containing SPF is not enough. SPF should be applied to clean skin or on top of your moisturizer.


Hydrating Gel Mask is perfect for all skin types and especially beneficial during the summer for easing the pain and lessening the severity of sunburn. This cooling mask floods the skin with moisture and essential nutrients, repairing damage, softening fine line and wrinkles and revitalizing the skin. Along with being used as a face mask, Hydrating Gel Mask can also be applied to areas of the body that are sunburn.


Pore Minimizing Face Mask is my ultra soothing face mask containing both camphor and zinc. This mask is suited for all skin types, and helps to tighten the pores and draw out impurities on the skin. This is especially helpful for the summer months as often times our pores get bigger during the warmer weather.
*New product


Body Silk is my luxurious, light weight lotion containing antioxidants which help to hydrate, soften, balance and brighten the skin. My new and improved Body Silk was recently reformulated and no longer contains parabens. Apply this cream to warm, damp skin after the shower or bath, and be left with silky smooth skin.
*New product


Sunburn is a result of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and can occur within less than 15 minutes. It is crucial that you apply sunscreen and wear both a hat and sunglasses when going out in the summer sun. There is no such thing as a healthy tan, even if you do not burn; the unprotected sun exposure will cause early aging of the skin. Repeat sunburns will substantially increase your risk for skin cancer. It is important we take the necessary precautions before exposing our skin to potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. However, if you do get sunburn I recommend the following tips to help ease the pain and make for a speedy recovery.


reflexologyReflexology is a deeply relaxing, yet stimulating massage for the feet, which helps to bring the body back into balance. In other words, reflexology works to create homeostasis, meaning that all organs in the body are working together and functioning at their best. Different areas on your feet correspond to areas and systems of the body. Reflexology has many benefits:

  • Aids in elimination of toxins from the body
  • Fights inflammation in the body
  • Relieves toe and ankle pain
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Soothes pregnancy pains
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the body

Reflexology can be done by itself or simultaneously with a facial. If you have yet to try Reflexology, I highly recommend treating yourself to this service during your next visit to my Manhattan Beauty Clinic.

1 hour of Reflexology: $140.00
½ hour of Reflexology: $80.00

1 hour of Reflexology with Susan Ciminelli: $250.00
½ hour of Reflexology with Susan Ciminelli: $125.00



Coconuts unique combination of fatty acids have been proven to have various positive effects on the body. You can purchase coconuts in many different forms: coconut water, milk, oil, butter and flour.

Coconut water has greatly increased in popularity over the years; this naturally refreshing beverage has a sweet taste, and contains less sugar than sodas and fruit juices. Drinking coconut water is the perfect natural way to hydrate the body while reducing sodium from your diet and adding potassium.

Coconut milk is also highly nutritious as it is rich in fiber and abundant in vitamins C, E and B, helping to boost your immune system. It is also rich in antioxidants, helping to prevent free radical damage. Free radicals are associated with all kinds of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The antioxidants in coconut milk help to reverse damage in the body and delay the aging process. Drinking coconut milk can also help to correct different skin conditions. The fatty acids in the milk are natural antiseptics and serve as a natural moisturizer.

Coconut Oil on the other hand, is also an effective moisturizer for all types of skin, especially dry. It promotes healthy hair growth and gives it some extra shine. Furthermore, coconut oil contains antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, allowing it to help prevent viruses and diseases by fighting off harmful bacteria. It is also a great natural remedy for weight loss, since it is easy to digest and therefore helps with the functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system. It will assist in boosting your metabolism, and in turn you will burn more calories, resulting in weight loss.




Wild Rice Salad

Wild rice is actually in the grass family and contains a lot of fiber. The ingredients in this healthy salad help reduce pore size, clear redness, and keep breakouts at bay for a clear complexion.

2 cups cooked wild rice
1 scallion, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 carrot, finely chopped
1 stalk celery, finely chopped
½ cup finely chopped cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon freshly chopped tarragon
2 or 3 tablespoons Lemon-Lime Olive Oil Dressing
(find recipe below)
Sea salt
Freshly ground white pepper
In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate 1 hour before serving.
Serves 4 to 6

Lemon-Lime Olive Oil Dressing

Use this dressing the same day you make it to get the most out of the freshly squeezed citrus juice. Serve this dressing over salads, fish, and grilled chicken or tofu.

Juice and zest from 1 lemon
Juice and zest from 1 lime
6 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
¼ teaspoon sea salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground white pepper
Whisk all of the ingredients together in a bowl and let sit 10 minutes before using.
Can be served over salads, fish, and grilled chicken or tofu.
Makes ¾ cup

Watermelon Smoothie

A refreshing diuretic that will keep the thighs thin. A quick and easy choice for when you have company and want to enjoy your guests.

2 cups of watermelon
½ teaspoon of fresh ginger
1 granny smith apple (cored)
1 inch piece of cucumber, no seeds
Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth
Drink right away, the nutritional value decreases the longer it sits.

Serves 2 to3

*No need to add ice before blending. In fact, drinking ice cold beverages is harmful to our health. It causes our blood vessels to shrink, digestion to slow down, and hydration becomes limited.

I advise you to read my book The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin. Throughout my book I speak about how beauty starts from the inside out. I also provide you with all types of healthy recipes, and walk you through my very own cleansing program, designed to jump start a healthier way of living and eating, without deprivation.



Q: What changes should I be making to my skincare routine?

A: During the summer it is good to use my Cleansing Gel every night to get your skin squeaky clean, thoroughly removing summer cleansing-milk dirt and grime. If you are sunburn, using my Cleansing Milk is more appropriate because of the soothing herbs and essential oils.

Q: How do I keep my brown spots from becoming more prominent?

A: Use sunscreen every two hours. Also be sure you are controlling your sugar intake, and being mindful of your liver. When in the sun, be sure to wear a hat and big sunglasses. It is best if you can avoid the sun during its strongest hours, between 10am and 4pm.

Q: How can I reduce oil production in my skin?

A: Drink water infused with fresh lemon juice a few times a day. Be sure to avoid sugar, it makes your skin oily because of what it does to your liver and pancreas. You should also use my Pore Minimizing Face Mask, three times a week to keep your skin in balance.

Q: My pores tend to look much bigger during the summer, how do I avoid this?

toning-formula A: Using a mask several times a week helps you to avoid this. Using a washcloth when you cleanse your skin also helps to get it cleaner. Additionally, my Seawater spray helps to minimize the pores, especially when used with Toning Formula. My Seawater contains pine bark extract, which is ten times stronger than vitamin C and helps significantly with collagen production.

Q: Are there certain foods I should be eating more of during the summer?

A: During the summer months it is important to eat wet foods to help keep you hydrated. This includes fruits such as watermelon, as well as any other melons in season.


What's your summer health IQ? Test your knowledge with this short quiz, all answers can be found at the bottom.

(1)   You should switch to a lighter moisturizer during the summer.
(2)   Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day.
(3)   Makeup with an SPF in it is enough protection for the face.
(4)   Tightly woven clothing assists in blocking out UV rays.
(5)   It is best to avoid hot showers when you have sunburn.
(6)   You cannot get sunburned if you are in the water.
(7)   The hours between 10am and 4pm are most hazardous for UV exposure.
(8)   Darker sunglasses give the eyes more protection from the sun.
(9)   A base tan helps to prevent sunburn.
(10) You cannot get sunburn on a cloudy day.

Answers: T, T, F, T, T, F, T, F, F, F


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